About us

Our brand is based on two words that mean a lot to us: freedomand nature.

Free Land Barcelona Art Design

From the beginning, we have felt freeto create our designs, which represent our beliefs and feelings.

Our creative process involves looking around us. We are inspired by those small details, sometimes almost imperceptible, that natureprovides us to bring diversity, polychromy, and richness to our designs.

References to Barcelonaare not far behind. This great coastal city saw us take the first steps in creating what is now Free Land Barcelona and we thank this city for its vitality and freshness.

We make our glasses for people like you. People who believe in our philosophy and share our way of doing things.

We want you to feel good about them and

we want them to become part of those things you love.

Do you want to get yours?

We want them to become one of those pieces that you love.